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History 245

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History 242



  Welcome to the ongoing history of the black liberation trouble, including the most recent evidence of intelligence agency attempts to repress the African American community through covert actions including assassinations, murders economic devastation of black businesses, mind-control of selected individuals, and seemingly "random" school shootings. Nothing I present is ever "conspiracy theory" and I will providing evidence every step of the way, albeit some in "redacted" government documents which obscure some key names and critical info.

 A very large chunk of American History has been kept hidden from you and me covering the span of United States History from its very origins and you know some of that thanks to the Civil Rights Movement and certain Congressional investigations, but you may know that academics are trained to ignore delving into conspiracies and the evidence that is abundantly available to us many time, but we never follow it up because of limited time to research or fear we will be passed over on the job ladder. How many of you know about the origins of Crack Cocaine or the assassination of the courageous journalist Gary Webb who traced it the drug smuggling of the CIA in the late 1980s or that the Heroin  pipeline into New York started under the OSS (predecessor to the CIA during World War II by the American Air Corps and the Mafia through the OSS' orders? How many of you know John Wilkes Booth was member of America's largest secret society, the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) or that there is a statue of the Confederate General, Albert Pike - head of the Southern Rite Freemasons , in Washington D.C and that he was also a founder of the KKK. He is the only Confederate memorialized in our nation's Capitol. Those are only the tip of the iceberg of hidden history. Come to History 242 and find out more!



Mayan Women Symposium, May 4, 2011

Rigoberta Menchu powerpoint:

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 Rigoberta Menchu continues to speak out for democracy, social and economic justice and women's rights in Guatemala 19 years after winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992, despite the U.S. sponsored terror campaign to silence Mayan women in Guatemala. 4,879  Guatemalan women, mostly Mayan have been murdered from 2001-2009 because they have threatened the CIA cocaine smuggling pipeline to Mexico and the United States. If you are doubtful of the CIA's involvement in drug smuggling, consider it has been busted 5 times since World War II for smuggling drugs into the U.S. Check out John Kerry's Senate hearings from the late 1990s or Frank Church's Senate hearings from the early 1970s if you want to see the evidence yourself. Guatemalan government trained death squads (trained at School of the Americas in Texas) and Guatemalan Drug cartels are behind almost all of the murders.  There is a particular term for this; it's called femicide, and it's happening not much more than one country away. In fact, you can find similar dynamics amidst the drug murders just south of our border. There will be links provided on the powerpoint and I would be more than happy to provide documents if you have trouble finding them. Mail me at:

Welcome U.S. History through 1877  History 201

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African American History 242

Banking On It

If you're interested

You might like to keep an eye on for other interesting information from a seminar I'm running up at Sonoma State this semester. What's going to be posted is a lot of original documents on Eugenics and experimentation and covert operations engaged in by the CIA and US Military over the years. Ask me questions about it you read something and want more info or background on it. The lecture on the Misuses of Science in April will explain a lot at that point. If you were unaware that any of this went on, don't feel ignorant; a lot of time and effort was made to keep it secret. We do, however, happen to live in a country where the law provides for citizens to get info on a lot of this - nearly everything is declassified after 25 years. The record on our own behavior is kind of shocking. The irony is peasants and others around the world often know what is happening years before we ever hear about it. I'm an historian and a lot is new to me. Almost none of my colleagues know about any of this, other than that the CIA overthrew a number of governments in the 50s and 60s. They and we (I don't dismiss myself here) often operate with our "eyes wide shut" and choose to dismiss unethical action by our government because we don't WANT TO believe Americans would do that. Everything on that site, however, is documented and 90% is the government documents themselves. If we all knew of these things, 9-11 would not have shocked us so much. We are not evil people and I'm not saying we deserved what happened then, but I will say there are reasons why other people think we are and that website documents some of  them. See the News of the Day for further comments.

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